The Origin of Morganite – where does it come from? A few thoughts from Laurie Sarah

Many of you would like to know where your Morganite is from.  Here is some helpful information!

The majority of Morganite is mined in Brazil.  Other places include Afghanistan, Mozambique, Namibia, Madagascar and the United States.

So which country or mine is your particular morganite from?  Well, with certain gemstones like Sapphire, the Sapphire’s crystalline structure will vary slightly from mine to mine, so that is why a gemologist can tell exactly which mine or country a particular sapphire is from when they look at it under the microscope.

But Morganite is like many other gemstones – no matter which mine it is mined from, its crystalline structure is the same.  So unfortunately, there is no way to tell which mine your Morganite is from.  But it is most likely from Brazil.

Hope that helps!


Laurie Sarah

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