Lifetime Care Plan from Laurie Sarah

lifetime care plan from laurie sarah

Bottom line? We’re here for you for life!

Welcome to our family! My husband and I are so honored that you have chosen our handmade, artisan jewelry to express your love! We promise to be your Jeweler for Life, taking care of any need you have relating to your beautiful Laurie Sarah Jewelry. Read on to see all the many wonderful benefits that come with our Lifetime Care Plan. When you’re done, come back and find out how Avo and I met, and how our love will be passed on to you through every piece of jewelry we make.

First off, we don’t require you to ship your jewelry to us every 6 months like other jewelers do. We don’t require that you sign anything or keep track of any paperwork. We ask only that you read and understand what our plan covers as outlined below. For those of you considering other jewelers, remember that all fine jewelry needs Tender Loving Care from time to time no matter who you buy it from. Maybe there are other jewelers who claim to be cheaper, but in the long run, if they don’t take care of you for life, they will quickly become much more expensive if you need help beyond the purchase date. Here’s what we offer each one of our valued clients.


1. One free ring sizing up or down one size (excluding eternity rings). Eternity rings and rings requiring sizing more than one size may require recasting and resetting of stones which will require a modest fee. We promise to keep the cost as minimal as possible. Also, know that rings with certain designs and/or engraving on the shank, if sized, may show slight imperfection in the design and/or engraving around the sizing cut area.

2. Free labor to reset and replace any damaged or lost stone. Free repairs for broken or damaged prongs, tightening of loose stones, chain repair, repair of broken earring posts, and pearl restringing.

3. Free replacement of any diamond, sapphire, or ruby .05 carats/3mm or smaller. Replacement of any diamond, sapphire, or ruby larger than .05 carats/3mm, as well as replacement of all other gemstones of any size is always done at a modest and heavily discounted price. Read more about it here (coming soon).


1. Clients inside the US receive one free, round trip insured shipping to us. Clients outside the US will receive a one-time $100 discount towards the cost of shipping. We know that the most common time for someone to damage their jewelry is within the first month as they get used to how to care for a piece of fine jewelry. We’re here to help!

2. Free gift every time your jewelry comes to us. We know you’re bummed if something happens to your beautiful piece. Life happens. Our little gift shows we care and adds a little happiness for letting us give your jewelry some Tender Loving Care.

2. Free gift every time your jewelry comes to us. We know you’re bummed if something happens to your beautiful piece. Life happens. Our little gift shows we care and adds a little happiness for letting us give your jewelry some Tender Loving Care.

4. Free checking for loose or damaged stones, broken or worn prongs etc. Repairs and replacements needed will be done for free if possible, or any modest charge needed will be discussed with you before any work is completed. We promise to never suggest repairs that are not absolutely necessary.

5. We’re always here to help with how to package and ship your jewelry to us anytime it needs Tender Loving Care. The way we do this is a little bit of a pain, and not as cheap as sending it through the Post Office (yuck!), but we believe your jewelry should always be taken care of by us to prevent damage from a jeweler who doesn’t understand the delicacy of your jewelry. If you use the shipping label we send you, your package is fully insured and delivered via UPS (packages of $500 value or more).


Sorry for the legalese guys. We just want to make sure everything is clear.

1. Certain gemstones are not eligible for free replacement during the first year. We don’t do this to be mean. We know our gems. Certain gems are very easily chipped and broken, and by discouraging their use in jewelry, we save you the heartache of when you repeatedly lose gems. Loss of these gems is not our fault, it’s how nature made them. We just want you to understand that when you choose to incorporate these gems in your jewelry, we will gladly throw in our labor for free to reset them, but you will be responsible for all shipping costs and a discounted replacement fee for the gem itself. Please read more about which stones are more fragile, and why we have this policy.

2. This Lifetime Care Plan does not cover complete loss or free repair of heavy damage to your jewelry. Read more about what constitutes heavy damage here (coming soon). We recommend that you insure your jewelry with a Homeowner’s Insurance or Jewelry Insurance plan of your choice for these circumstances. You’ll be glad you did if you leave your ring in a rest stop bathroom, or if it slips down the garbage disposal (hey, it’s happened, and the girl was SO glad her insurance company replaced her precious engagement ring!).

3. If another jeweler damages your jewelry, we will gladly help you restore your beautiful jewelry to its original beauty, but there will be a modest charge. We always recommend that you bring or ship your Laurie Sarah Jewelry to us for repair. We created your jewelry, we know it best. Besides, be aware that other jewelers may bad-mouth us to try to gain your business. Read more about other jewelers.

4. Our Lifetime Care Plan does not cover diamonds, gemstones or other stones purchased from another company/dealer. It does not cover jewelry settings that were made in whole or in part by another company/jeweler. If we work on a jewelry piece (for example remove and rest a different center stone), we do not cover the setting if it is damaged or a stone is lost that we set. However, we will always help out for a modest price if you need help with another jeweler’s/company’s piece.

5. This Lifetime Care Plan does not cover the loss or damage of your center diamond or gemstone, and all other gems over .05carats/3mm. Should these stones become lost or damaged, we will gladly replace, repolish, or recut them for a discounted replacement charge. Or, if you insure your piece, your insurance company might help you with this.

6. For our dear clients that live outside the US: We will take care of you exactly the same as a client that lives inside the US. Just please understand that shipping jewelry across country lines is a bit of a pain and quite expensive. We will help you through it every time. The first time you ship your jewelry, you will receive a $100.00 credit from us. However, we have seen UPS charge as much as $150 or more each way to ship jewelry. You will be responsible to pay any amount beyond our $100.00 credit to ship your jewelry, and you will need to fill out all the necessary paperwork. Most of our overseas clients are happy to purchase a Laurie Sarah designer piece, and know that when repairs are needed, they will take it to a local jeweler. You are responsible for all fees charged by any other jeweler. As much as we would love to take care of the piece we created, know that unless you want to pay for shipping, you will be taking care of your piece in your country. Sorry guys!

7. Our Lifetime Care Plan covers only jewelry cast in karat gold and platinum. We will gladly help you with all repairs needed for jewelry cast in other metals for a modest fee.

8. Every once in awhile, we update the terms of our Lifetime Care Plan. Don’t worry – it’s usually because we want to make it even better for you. Remember, we’re always here for you. The version of our Lifetime Care Plan that is live on the date of your need for Tender Loving Care, is the version that applies. But if you ever feel that an earlier version should be considered, please let us know. We are absolutely reasonable and want you to have the best experience possible with us!

9. Certain major repairs may not be eligible for the free one year repairs. If we feel your jewelry’s structural integrity has been compromised due to extreme bending or pressure, we will recommend to you that your piece be recast to bring it back to its original strength and beauty. We understand that our clients are distressed when this happens. Remember that your precious jewelry requires tender care. Should something major happen, don’t worry, we will take care of you and will keep any charges as low as possible. For some examples of these kinds of cases, click here (coming soon).

10. This Lifetime Care Plan applies to the original owner only, and is not transferable to any other owner.

11. And last thing, I promise! When we talk about the items provided in the first year, we count from the date the package is signed for.

Thanks for taking the time to read through all of this! Now let’s get started on the Jewelry of Your Dreams!


Laurie Sarah and Avo

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  1. Maria says:

    Hello, I’m interested in purchasing this 5+ carat morganite; however, I want to know if I would receive the morganite from the video. I already have a peach morganite; I really like that the stone in the video has more pink than peach. Please let me know as this would be a life long engagement ring. Thank you

    • Laurie Sarah says:

      Hi Maria. I emailed you last night. If you got the email, you can reply there. If you don’t see it, let me know, or it may have gone to your junk/spam folder. Thank you! Laurie Sarah

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