Pre-Paid Insured Shipping Instructions

Soon you will receive an email with a PDF of your pre-paid insured shipping label. Print it out.


  1. Wrap your jewelry or loose stones in Kleenex or bubble wrap and place them in a small ring box or small box of your choice. Make sure they are not rattling around inside the little box.
  2. DO NOT send your jewelry back in the large Laurie Sarah packaging that held the jewelry cleaner etc. Just the small, tiny ring box.
  3. Put the small ring box into a bigger box. If you can get a Small UPS Express Box, they are free. But any PLAIN or UPS box will do. DO NOT use USPS or FedEx boxes etc. Stuff it with something to keep the little ring box from rattling around.
  4. Tape the “inner box label” that printed with the shipping label securely to the outside of this box and tape it closed.
  5. Place this box into another box. Why? The insurance company wants your jewelry double boxed. This is to prevent theft.  Should a thief try to open your box, he’ll only discover another box and by then be caught. If you were able to find a free Small UPS Express Box, it will fit into a free Medium UPS Express Box. Otherwise, any box will do.
  6. Securely tape the address label to the outside of this second box. Tape it securely closed.
  7. If you are using used boxes, remove ALL packing tape, labels, bar codes etc that might confuse things (for example, remove Amazon packing tape)
  8. Take the box to an authorized UPS store or call UPS to come pick it up. DO NOT drop it in a UPS drop box. The insurance on your package does not start until UPS scans the package, so ask them to scan it when you give it to them.
  9. Obtain a receipt from UPS for your package when they take it from you.
  10. Let us know when you ship it so we can be watching for it. We’ll let you know when it safely arrives.