Do You Offer Custom Jewelry?

Yes we do. In fact, Fine Custom Jewelry is our specialty. We create each of our pieces from scratch, beginning with gathering your ideas. We take your ideas, create a computer sketch and email it to you. You are involved every step of the way! You can request changes to the sketch until you are completely satisfied. We also send you videos of the gorgeous center gem you request for your approval. We then cast the piece, set the gems you have chosen, and then send you one more video for your final approval! Custom pieces are usually completed within 2-4 weeks. Need it rushed? Just ask. We retain the rights to use, copy, and market all custom designs.

Do You Have a Warranty? Will I Be Taken Care of After the Sale?

Absolutely! Check out our reviews – bottom line? We take care of each and every one of our clients for life. We call our warranty a “Lifetime Care Plan” because it’s just that – care for life. Anytime anything happens, or if you have any questions, just contact us and we’ll take care of you right away. For all the details of our Lifetime Care Plan, please visit our Blog.

When you purchase your Laurie Sarah jewelry, you agree to the terms outlined in this blog. It is updated from time to time, but don’t worry – it’s almost always updated to be better for our wonderful clients!

Feel free to Contact Us with any questions.

Can I Make Payment or Get Financing?

Absolutely. We can help point you in the right direction if you need financing. We send most clients through something like Paypal Credit. We, ourselves offer what is like a Layaway Plan – you make interest free payments on your piece as we make it, and then send it to you once it’s paid in full. The most common plan our customers choose is to put a down payment, which we use to begin the computer sketches. Subsequent payments allow us to hand pick the center stone for your beautiful jewelry, and then subsequent payments allow us to cast, set and finish your piece. How many payments can you make? We’re very easy to work with – you tell us what you can do, and we’ll work with you! Learn more about our flexible payment plan HERE.

How Is My Purchase Packaged?

Order over $500.00:  Jewelry comes packaged in our designer storage box which includes a luxurious jewelry box, free jewelry cleaner, cleaning brush, and invoice.

Order under $500.00:  Jewelry comes packaged in a simple yet attractive gift box.

Loose Gemstones and Diamonds come in a gem box.

How Is My Order Sent? Will It Be Insured During Shipping?

For information about shipping, please click HERE.

Who is Laurie Sarah? Why Should You Buy From My Husband and I?

I (Laurie Sarah) began making jewelry to be able to afford my next college meal. Avo (my dear husband) began setting diamonds when he was only 12 years old! We are a small, family owned business founded on the lost art of “true handmade” custom jewelry. Avo and I met through our love of jewelry, after I lost my late husband to cancer. I was introduced to Avo as “The best diamond setter in Los Angeles.” We now create each piece using our combined 60+ years of experience. We are passing a part of our love on to you. Since each piece is handcrafted to order, no two pieces are exactly alike and contain individual characteristics of a handmade work of art. This ensures that each Laurie Sarah piece is as unique as you are!

To learn more about us, please click HERE.

What are Your Policies for Returns and Exchanges? Can I Cancel My Order?

For information about returns or exchanges, please click HERE. Contact us at 1-855-LSRINGS (1-855-577-4547) or Email Us for further assistance.

Do You Have a Physical Store I Can Visit?

Yes we do! Our Custom Design Center is located in the beautiful and historic Downtown Los Angeles. Come see how we make our jewelry!

To learn more about Our Design Center and to schedule your personalized consultation, please click HERE.

Does My Laurie Sarah Jewelry or Loose Gem Come with Any Certification, Appraisal, or Guarantee of Value and Authenticity?

All our pieces are sent with an emailed PDF file called “Certificate of Authenticity.” This piece of paper is our guarantee to you, as jewelers who have been in business for over 40 years, of what you purchased. Pictures of your jewelry or loose stone, the value, and itemized details of what it is made of are clearly written. As far as appraisals go, you can have us purchase one for you from the Independent Appraiser we work with, or take your Certificate of Authenticity to a local Appraiser. Please be aware that we have had a few Appraisers undervalue our jewelry pieces because they forget to add value for your piece being a Custom Designer piece. Let us know if this happens and we’ll help!