Laurie Sarah’s Colored Gemstone Grading System

“So”, you might ask, “Why does Laurie Sarah have their own Colored Gemstone Grading System?” Good question! Bottom line – unlike the diamond industry, the colored gemstone industry does not have its own standardized grading system. This is why you will see a variety of buzz words associated with colored gemstones that can sometimes contradict each other and be confusing.

There is good reason why there is no standardized grading system for colored gemstones. There are literally thousands and thousands of colored gemstones, each with their own unique qualities. To standardize each and every beautiful gem would be unrealistic.

So what have we done here at Laurie Sarah? What many other high end jewelers have done. We have based our grading system on the diamond standards. When we list a gorgeous gemstone, unless it is certified by a Gemologist, we use our over 45 years of experience to grade it. This system is based on what can be seen with the naked eye: *

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FLAWLESS – We only grade a colored gemstone flawless if it is lab created or man-made. All natural colored gemstones have some kind of inclusion whether they are visible to the naked eye or not. This is how you know they are real.

VVSVERY, VERY SLIGHTLY INCLUDED. There are no visible inclusions to the naked eye. Inclusions are only seen with 10X magnification. It is extremely rare for a colored gemstone to have this kind of clarity.

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VSVERY SLIGHTLY INCLUDED. Inclusions are not easily visible to the naked eye. They most likely can only be seen with 10X magnification.

SI1 – SLIGHTLY INCLUDED. Very few inclusions are slightly visible to the naked eye but do not detract from the overall beauty and quality of the gemstone.

SI2 – SLIGHTLY INCLUDED. More inclusions are easily seen with the naked eye.

I1 – INCLUDED. A few inclusions are very obvious to the naked eye.

I2-I3 and below – HEAVILY INCLUDED. Several large inclusions are very obvious to the naked eye.

Interesting fact. Many people are mis-guided in thinking their colored gemstone should be flawless. Did you know that if you’re jewelry is stolen, you can prove it is yours by the tiny flaws (or “birthmarks” as I like to call them) in your gemstone?

Enjoy your beautiful, custom Laurie Sarah gemstone jewelry!

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* If you have the gem certified by a Gemologist, the “clarity grade” may vary slightly depending on which colored gemstone grading standards they choose to use.

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