How do I get the right ring size? – Advice from Laurie Sarah

laurie sarah ring sizer LS6061

Getting the right ring size can be tricky. Let me help! So when we create your Laurie Sarah ring for you, if you need a ring sizer, we will mail one out to you. It looks like the picture above.

When you receive the ring sizer, insert the tail of it into the slit to form a circle. Put the sizer on the finger you want the ring for and put it on the knuckle above where the ring will sit. Tighten the sizer until it’s very snug. Not so snug that it is uncomfortable. Now push the ring sizer all the way on and see how it feels.

Email a picture of where the sizer fits on your finger to us.

If your knuckle and finger are about the same size, this should be a perfect fit. If your finger is bigger than your knuckle, you’ll need to loose the sizer until it feels comfortable. If your knuckle is larger than your finger, see if you can make the sizer a little smaller on your finger and still get it off comfortably.

If your knuckle is a lot larger than your finger and you find that even if you make the sizer as tight as possible, once it’s on it is very loose, please read this blog here – scroll down to where it talks about sizing beads:

What are my options for sizing my ring? Especially if it is full eternity or has lots of gorgeous detail?

Once you feel you have the sizer where you want it, take a picture of the sizer on your finger and email us the picture. The sizer is yours to keep.

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